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Telit acquires ILS Technology

Announced today (see this link for more details) – Telit Wireless Solutions acquires ILS Technology, a leading provider of a ready-to-use, off-the-shelf, cloud platform to connect enterprise IT systems to m2m-connected devices and machines for business-critical use.

This is a deal designed to bolster Telit’s previous acquisitions of GlobalConect – which formed the basis of module management services in m2mAir – and CrossBridge Solutions which provided connectivity solutions for the North America market. Both of these acquisitions covered network layer services associated with connectivity management so the acquisition of ILS Technology provides a complementary acquisition for application layer services.

On the face of it, this is both a bold and logical move by Telit to expand its services offering. It represents a critical move up the value chain from supplying modules, remote module management and connectivity to providing application support as well – in other words, supporting the management of the M2M data flowing through the connectivity. It also provides a common thread linking CrossBridge Solutions connectivity for the North America market and Telefonica/Jasper Wireless managed connectivity elsewhere – all provided as elements of Telit’s m2mAir.

ILS Technology, previously part of Park Ohio, has been mainly operating in the industrial applications environment to date using primarily fixed line connectivity (but some cellular as well) so some work will be required to move this more into the cellular environment. We await further developments on this with interest.

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