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How Many Applications for Wearable Technology?

If you think there are just a few, then you would be wrong.

Beecham Research has been researching and analyzing the Wearable Technology market and its potential for the fashion industry for some time. As part of this, we thought it would be useful to create a Wearable Technology Application Chart to show just how broad this market is. You can access this chart as a free download at this link – Beecham Research Wearable Technology Application Chart.

Take a look – you may be surprised. In all, we have identified 20 application groups within 6 key sectors. Within each application group there are then many different examples already being used. At the outer edge of the chart are images showing examples of products already out in the market for each application type. And this is just the start . . . there are many more to come, whether the rumors about Apple getting involved in this are true or not.

This chart was first featured at the M2M Evolution conference in Miami on January 29, and was subsequently launched at the Wearable Technologies conference in Munich on February 4. It also featured at Wavefront’s M2M Summit in Vancouver also on February 4. The feedback we have had from these and other viewings has been very positive so far  – that the chart provides a good representation of all the main applications currently in use or under development.

For those familiar with Beecham Research’s M2M Sector Map – available here for free download – there is of course a close resemblance in format. Our reason for that is, there is a similar underlying message:

This is a market with a very broad range of applications with many just waiting to be picked up and used.

Some of the key enabling technologies are now excitingly real. We will be talking about those and the real potential revenue for Wearable Technology – also known as ‘Connected Clothes’ or even ‘Digital Clothes’ – in our new report on this market, which will be available shortly.

In the meantime, we are still looking for further feedback on this chart. Have we missed anything important? Do let us know . . . !

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